WATCH: Hundreds of Monkeys Flood Thai City Amid Coronavirus Killing Tourism

With a major decrease in tourists in the Thailand city of Lopburi, stunning video shows hundreds of monkey’s flooding in seeking food.

The Sun first posted the video and reported the incredible phenomena.

Newsweek reports a city in Thailand was recently overrun by hundreds of monkeys in search of food following a decrease in tourists flocking to the city amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Lopburi, a city in central Thailand, was terrorized by monkeys who were seen fighting over limited amounts of food. On a normal day in Lopburi, the monkeys would be fed by hundreds of tourists but due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, tourism numbers have seen a drastic decrease, forcing the monkeys to find food on their own.

According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) Thailand has at least 70 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. While Thailand has fewer cases when compared to other areas, the virus as a whole has severely impacted tourism. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the coronavirus outbreak has sparked a 44 percent decrease in tourism numbers in February compared to February 2019.

In a video posted to Twitter by The Sun, the monkeys can be seen chasing and fighting each other in the middle of the street. In the video, the monkeys get louder as they chase one monkey who seems to have a banana.


On Twitter user joked “Rise of the planet of the apes.”

Another wrote “If this is caused by Corona then this is really very alarming”

Another wrote “We have to give food for those monkeys, oh my god”