WATCH: HUD Executive Lynne Patton Defends Trump from Media Attacks

During a recent interview, Lynne Patton, an African American conservative and prominent member of President Trump’s HUD, described working with the president, and defended him against repeated attacks from the mainstream media.

“You’re going to be bashed incessantly, you’re going to be scrutinized relentlessly,” Patton said of the media’s treatment of those working in the Trump administration.

The HUD chief added, “You can even be threatened physically, like many conservatives have been in this administration, including myself.”

Patton went on to describe working with President Trump as “an honor,” while denouncing what she felt as racism coming from Democrats.

“This guy could have just sat back and flown around and done all the same things that he’s basically doing now, but without the heartache and stress,” Patton said of Trump.

“But what really touched me so much, and sometimes I get emotional even just thinking about it, is his love for this country is really what drove him to give all that up, and to be a part of that is something like that is the greatest honor of my life,” she added.