WATCH: Hosts of “The View” defend Tom Cruise’s viral rage at crew members

The co-hosts of “The View” generally all defended Hollywood star Tom Cruise after audio of him screaming with rage at crew members for breaking distancing protocols went viral.

After playing audio of Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg says “I get it. You know, that’s his movie.”

Sara Haines said “I agree with the sentiment of the message” Cruise conveyed but disagreed with his cursing.

Joy Behar went further and said “what amazes me is people are not in more of a rage. Did you know that we have 200k new cases of Covid every day? India only has 30k every day. India has 4 times the number of people that we have in the United States.”

Sunny Hostin says that after initially thinking Tom Cruise was being abusive “I think he gets a pass for this. I totally have changed my mind within the last like five minutes.”