WATCH: Hosts of “The View” calls for I.D. to be required to use social media

During a recent segment of “The View” all 5 co-hosts agreed that I.D. should be required to use social media with some citing the ability to police “hate speech” and racism as the reason.

Sunny Hostin said “I think this is a terrific, terrific idea. I mean, I am subjected daily to racist attacks on social media. I’m talking daily. Sometimes in the hundreds, sometimes in the thousands, and it’s painful, it’s hurtful, and it’s always from someone who has a cat icon, a flag icon, a frog icon … an eagle icon, and they are, I believe, just Twitter thugs, social media thugs hiding in their mama’s basements.”

“These are cowards, and, you know, people are always talking about I.D. necessary for all sorts of things, then I.D. certainly should be necessary, a verified I.D. before you start a social media account, because the reason people are trolling like this is because there are little to no consequences because of their anonymity,” she added.