WATCH: Hostin blames Trump, Rep. Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert for poll suggesting Republicans losing moderates

Thursday on the view Co-Hose Whoppi Goldbert reported “a new Gallup poll shows the largest increase in Democratic Party affiliation in nearly ten years. So people are seeming to be quite surprised by this.” She then asked Sunny Hostin “So Sunny, why do you think this swing to the left seems to be happening?”

“You know, I think, Whoopi, this is a direct result of what happened with the, you know, former disgraced, twice impeached one-term president,” Hostin replied. “I’ve said it before that you have a Republican Party that I think is unrecognizable to those that are centrist Republicans, those that are just sort of these conservative Republicans that we knew before like the John McCain, Republicans, the Republicans I think that Meghan grew up with. I’ve been reading John Boehner’s book. And he says in his book, the crazies have taken over. And I think the Republican Party is sort of this extremist, anti-scientist, nativist, embracing white supremacists insurrectionist party at this point.”

“Kevin McCarthy really needs to rethink that strategy that this is an open, big-tent party and all are welcome. Really are the Marjorie Taylor Greenes welcome? Are the Boeberts welcome? Are the Matt Gaetzs welcome in this party? That is what has lead to the alienation of mainstream Republicans. They don’t want to be extremists,” she added.