WATCH: Home Depot Founder Explains Why Socialism Has No Place in America

There’s been a lot of talk about socialism as the Democrats make a hard left turn towards socialized everything in the run up to the 2020 election.

Media star AOC and Bernie Sanders are both self-proclaimed socialists. Elizabeth Warren is pushing copious “free stuff” including college tuition and Kamala Harris is dangling the carrot of socialized health care.

Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus still believes in the free market capitalist system that made America a superpower, and he shared his ideas in this powerful video.

Breitbart reported that Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus championed the free market system he says created the “biggest middle-class population in the world” and warned that socialism has always ended with a “lower standard of living for those under its thumb.”

Marcus begin the three-minute video by stating something “politically incorrect.”

“I loveAmerica. I do. I love America because it’s the greatest country in the world I think there are two big reasons why this country is so great.” Bernie Marcus began. “The first is our Constitution, which guarantees a freedom of speech and expression. The second is our free market system.”

“The free market system has been the biggest creator of wealth and prosperity the world has ever known, lifting billions of people out of poverty and far more superior than any government program could ever be,” the philanthropist explained. “The free market is the tool that allows money to reach out and grab hold of the American dream.”

Watch the video: