WATCH: Hirono blames Trump for increase in hate crimes against Asian-Americans

Appearing on ABC, Hawaii Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono blamed Trump for an increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans.

George Stephanopoulos asked Hirono “You were the first Asian-American woman elected to the Senate, a striking surge in anti-Asian hate crimes here in America. Why is this happening, and what should be done about it?”

“It’s happening because we didn’t have leadership at the top, starting from President Trump calling it the China virus and the Kung flu and all of that,” Hirono replied  which apparently it unleashed this kind of targeted hate crimes among Asian-Americans, and the increase is dramatic. Just last week in New York, a person who was just walking down the street got knifed. He is in serious condition. Soon thereafter, four people walking in New York were knifed. One died. In California, you have incidents of 90-year-old people being knocked down, attacked. That person died.”

“So I’m glad that Joe Biden, unlike Trump, has put this issue forward through his executive memorandum, which by the way contains many of the provisions that I put in a resolution that I tried to pass last year condemning targeted hate crimes against Asian-Americans,” she added.