WATCH: Hillary Won’t Rule Out Being the 2020 Dem Nominee’s VP

Could you imagine a 2020 Democrat ticket with Hillary Clinton on it?

Let’s see…. Bernie-Hillary Biden-Hillary Buttigieg-Hillary…..

Seems pretty unlikely, doesn’t it?

However, the 2016 Presidential loser with a penchant for coming up with and endless string of new excuses as to why she lost to Donald Trump in 2016 will not rule it out.

TheHill reports former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Ellen DeGeneres in a Thursday interview that you “never say never” to a request to be a vice presidential candidate.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, said she “probably won’t be asked” to join a presidential ticket, but didn’t rule out the possibility.

Clinton told DeGeneres that she would “never say never” to such a request as she described how she initially did turn down an offer to be secretary of State under President Obama.


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