WATCH: Hillary Shades Melania in New Interview “I think she should look closer to home”

Appearing with Andy Cohen in a new interview, 2016 Presidential loser Hillary Clinton was asked about First Lady’s “BeBest” cyberbullying initiative and didn’t miss the opportunity to throw some shade Melania’s way.

Andy Cohen:

What do you honestly think of First Lady Melania Trump’s cyberbullying initiative?

Hillary Clinton:

I think she should look closer to home. 

(Crowd cheers and Hillary nods with satisfaction.)


Asked about the first couple’s marriage, Hillary admitted it’s a topic she wanted to avoid.

“I’m the last person to comment on anybody’s relationship,” Clinton responded while giggling.

DailyMail reports Bill Clinton claims that his affair with Monica Lewinsky was one of the ‘things I did to manage my anxieties’.

The former President suggests, in an explosive documentary seen by DailyMailTV, that he had the fling with the ex-White House intern while he was in office because it helped with his own issues.

Bill reveals that at the time he met Lewinsky the pressure of the job made him feel like a boxer who had done 30 rounds and he looked at Lewinsky as ‘something that will take your mind off it for a while’.

He makes the claims in an interview featured in the new documentary series that will air on Hulu about his wife Hillary Clinton, called ‘Hillary’, where the former First Lady and Secretary of State candidly reveals that in the aftermath of the scandal the couple underwent ‘painful’ marriage counseling.