WATCH: Hillary Ally Claims She’d Be President if Hulu Doc Was Out Before 2016 Election

Appearing on MSNBC, former Hillary Clinton aide Phillipe Reines made the provocative claim that Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 election had her new “Hulu” documentary had been released prior.

Phillipe Reines:

If Hillary Clinton, tomorrow, we’re to say, you know, I would love it if Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders picked me to be their running mate, the collective groan from the media with the “oh my god, doesn’t she know when to go away” it’s not entirely within our power to make everyone open minded about her. When people are open minded about her they absolutely will see her in a different way.

We would have loved to have know, Nanette [Burstein] probably is responsible for more than Vladimir Putin. If we had this documentary the day before Election Day in 2016, she would be president right now.


The trailer of “Hillary” on YouTube that Reines raves so much about currently has nearly twice as many thumbs down than thumbs up.


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