WATCH: Harris “It is my hope and prayer…that we intend to work across party lines”

Appearing with Joy Reid on MSNBC, Kamala Harris said it is her “hope and prayer” that “we intend to work across party lines.”

“It is my hope and prayer and Joe Biden has said it unambiguously that we intend to work across party lines,” Kamala Harris said “The biggest challenges, the crises that are front and center in our nation don’t see party lines. And if we are truly leaders, each of us in these positions, we have got to find a way to work together.”

She continued “When it comes to the impact of this virus and the public health impact, the need for the federal government to take responsibility for distribution of the vaccine, so all people get it as quickly as possible, when it comes to building back up our economy, reopening, those businesses could care less how folks are registered to vote.”

“But they’re suffering, and they need their leaders to see them,” she added “All of the children and their parents and their teachers who need to go back to school in a safe environment, those children could care less who their parents voted for in that last election. So, that is our intention to work as much as possible to get things done. We were elected to do a job, and we intend to do that job. And we hope we can do it with as many people as possible participating.”