WATCH: Hannity Holds Nothing Back “Mueller is Basically Full of Crap”

In response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s recent public remarks on the Trump investigation which he helmed, conservative pundit Sean Hannity fired back, slamming Mueller for what he alleged to be bias.

“He’s basically full of crap,” Hannity said of Mueller, whose remarks he suggested had “nothing to do with justice,” but “everything to do with politics.”

Hannity added, “Mueller’s continued public smear of a duly elected president, who has been charged with no crime, is completely unethical and immoral.”

The Fox News host also suggested Mueller’s speech “served one purpose, and that was to help the Democrats.”

“There is no underlying crime, no evidence of guilt,” said Hannity, who denounced Mueller’s remarks as  “just more innuendo, more speculation surrounding what we now know is a total conspiracy theory.”