WATCH: Hannity bashes “Corrupt agents from Jim Comey’s FBI” says Flynn “unfairly and unjustly targeted”

Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted former FBI Director James Comey while covering the new bombshell documents in the Michael Flynn case.

Fox News reports Sean Hannity opened Wednesday’s edition of “Hannity” by declaring that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was “unfairly and unjustly targeted by deep state bureaucrats” after a bomshell tranche of documents was unsealed in the case.

“Corrupt agents from Jim Comey’s FBI were discussing strategies on how to set General Flynn up on what we call a perjury trap,” Hannity said, later adding, “truth be told, it was an ambush. It was an illegal, abuse of power, corrupt ambush.”

“According to one handwritten note, an unnamed agent asked, ‘Well, what is our goal here? … Is it truth, admission or to get him to lie?’ To get him to lie, is that our goal? ‘So we can prosecute him or get him fired?’ Is that the FBI’s role?” the host continued.

“Ultimately that perjury trap was not a success,” Hannity went on. “Agents saw no indication at all that the national security adviser was lying. They didn’t believe he was lying. They said they didn’t believe he was lying.”

Nevertheless, the host claimed, then-FBI Director James Comey tried to “exploit the chaos” inside the then-transitioning Trump White House team to get to Flynn, which Hannity added was something Comey would never do to Barack Obama or George W. Bush.

Hannity went on to claim that Comey, thus emboldened, “turned the screws” on Flynn by threatening to lock him up and then threatening to prosecute his son, Michael Flynn, Jr.

“They were hell-bent on punishing anyone and everyone inside the Trump administration,” he said. “By the way, Mr. Comey I’ve been warning you: You have the right to remain silent. I’ve suggested you use it. You’ve not listened to me. Jim: tick-tock.”