WATCH: Gutfield rips Dems Barr hearing behavior as “infantile” and “disgraceful”

Tuesday on “The Five” Greg Gutfield and other hosts ripped the behavior of Democrats during the heated Barr hearings earlier in the day.

Specifically, Gutfield took aim at the tactic of multiple Democrats declaring “I’m reclaiming my time” while Barr was trying to answer a question THEY asked.

Greg Gutfield:

After that fiasco, we have to reclaim our time for America.

Have you ever heard of a more infantile loser defense? In the hearing that you could ask a question then cut the answer off with ‘I’m reclaiming my time.’

It creates a one-way street, in which you could actually accuse somebody of murder, you could accuse them of treason and then you deny them the opportunity to defend themselves.