WATCH: Gutfield calls Biden a “Pathological, Shameless Liar,” says “All He Does Is Bank On Racial Discontent”

During a scathing segment of “The Five” Greg Gutfield unloaded on President Biden.

“What Joe said today just upsets me. I mean, he is a pathological, shameless liar,” Gutfield said. “He ran on being a unifier, and all he does is bank on racial discontent, right? He is comparing this bill to the KKK, Jim Crow. It’s like all he does is foment racial conflict,” Gutfeld began, arguing that Biden appeared to be making the case for voting rights as if Americans didn’t already have the right to vote.

“Every American has the right to vote, except the less-favored voting blocs, which are violent felons, illegal immigrants, and the dead,” he continued.  “There is only one possibility of a true zombie uprising, and it’s because the corpses found out they voted for Joe Biden.”

“Mitt Romney was going to put everybody back in chains,” Gutfeld added. “Then we’re supposed to get the biggest, greatest existential risk in history out of Donald Trump, and now we’re sold — that’s a lie, because he’s gone, and now this is a bigger existential risk than Donald Trump. This is the worst thing since the Civil War. I’m beginning to think they’re exaggerating.”


Earlier this week President Biden said there is “an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote.”

“We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole, since the Civil War,” he added.