WATCH: Gutfeld on “expanding” Hunter Biden investigation “as the feds get closer, things get grosser”

Monday, Greg Gutfield of “The Five” spoke out on the fallout from the Hunter Biden scandal.

“As the feds get closer, things get grosser,” Gutfield said.

“The probe into Hunter Biden’s questionable income practices is expanding, targeting his Ukrainian dealings, China and potential money laundering. Fox News has obtained emails in which Hunter asked that keys be made for his new “office mates,” for a space shared with a Chinese energy firm’s emissary,” Gutfield continued.

He then asked “Who were those “officemates”? His dad, Joe Biden, his fun Uncle Jim, and Dr. Jill Biden (it’s good to have a medical professional on staff.)”

“So this stinks like a day-old diaper in a Red Lobster dumpster. And it makes you wonder how much longer the pathetic mainstream media will pretend there’s nothin’ to see here,” he added.