WATCH: Greenwald warns left may use Capitol Riot as justification to expand surveillance

Appearing with Laura Ingraham, Glenn Greenwald warned the left may use the “maximalist narrative” of what happened at the U.S. Capitol riot as justification to expand surveillance.

“You know other than Russia-gate I don’t think we have been deluged with as much propaganda since the claim of the Iraqi WMDs back in 2002 as we have over the last month, or so or six weeks, about the riot at the Capitol. I cannot overstate how desperately important to liberals it is to cling to the maximalist narrative what happened,” Greenwald said.

“They don’t accept it if they say it’s a protest that went out of control and became violent or even a riot. They insist it has to be an armed insurrection as we just heard, or even a coup attempt. Why is that?” he asked “In part they want to elevate fear levels about their political adversaries to make everybody think they are fighting not just conservatives, or people with the different ideology, but domestic terrorists who tried to overthrow the government.”

“Also because they are intent to introducing a whole set of new laws that will vast be FBI and the CIA and the NSA, under Joe Biden, immense powers on American soil against American citizens which will happen to be directed also at the political adversaries. So they are desperate to maintain the mythology about what happened that day,” he added.