WATCH: Graham Warns There’s a Political Hit Job Being Done on Barr

Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Senator Lindsey Graham reacted to the calls from Democrats for Attorney General Barr to resign.

Per Fox News, Graham, R-S.C., told “Hannity” that Barr was doing his job when his office stepped in to soften a sentencing recommendation from four now-resigned federal prosecutors in the case of Republican consultant Roger Stone.

Stone has been convicted of witness tampering and lying to Congress in relation to the Russia investigation. The prosecutors recommended up to nine years in prison — but Barr balked at the suggestion.

“Bill Barr stepped in and stopped what I thought was an unjust sentence enhancement – and to the people who want Barr to resign, we know your agenda,” he said.

“You are not trying to uphold the rule of law. You’re trying to take a good man down because you hate” President Trump.

Graham added that the counterintelligence investigation into potential links between Trump campaign figures and Russia — dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane” — was a “danger to democracy.”

“I think it should never happen again. I think it was set up to destroy the Trump campaign, not protect it from Russian influence,” he said.

“I think [former Mueller team prosecutor] Andrew Weissmann needs to tell the country why it took two years to do the Mueller investigation when he should’ve figured it out in the first week there was nothing there.”


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