WATCH: Graham Says Hunter Biden Turned the Ukraine “into an ATM Machine”

Speaking to Press, Senator Lindsey Graham accused Hunter Biden of turning the Ukraine “into an ATM machine” and argued there is a “Tsunami” of evidence that the “Biden’s connection to the Ukraine was inappropriate.”

Lindsey Graham:

The house chose not to pursue witnesses that were available to them. I don’t want to start a precedent of doing it just half-ass in the house and expect the Senate to fix it.

I’ve seen the NY Times story I have no idea what they’re talking about. Senator Lankford has suggested making the manuscript available in a classified setting and let Senators read it for themselves. That sounds like a reasonable solution to me.

However, if people want witnesses, we’re gonna get a lot of witnesses. This idea of calling one and one makes zero sense. What I would say is there’s not a scintilla of evidence that the Biden’s connection to the Ukraine was inappropriate, there’s a Tsunami of it.

So the House managers told the Senate this is baseless, this is debunked and I think the defense team yesterday made a damning indictment of what Hunter and Joe Biden allowed to happen and it’s not in America’s interest to ever see this happen again in the Ukraine where Hunter Biden basically turned it into an ATM machine. 


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