WATCH: Graham Accuses Media of Purposely Ignoring How Hunter Biden “Got Rich in the Ukraine”

Speaking to reporters, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham appeared to accuse the media of purposely ignoring how Hunter Biden “got rich in the Ukraine.”

Graham then argued that if it was him or Trump in Joe Biden’s position with family members getting rich “you would be looking”

Lindsey Graham:

As to the Bidens, I can promise you no one has looked at whether or not there was a conflict of interest, and no one has taken the time to explain how Hunter Biden got rich in the Ukraine and his father didn’t know anything about it.

As much as I like Joe Biden, if it were Lindsey Graham or Mike Pence or Donald Trump, you would be looking.

I don’t think Joe Biden is corrupt, but I don’t think he is beyond being looked at. I love Joe Biden, but I can tell you I am not going to sit on the sidelines and just watch the Trumps be looked at. 

….Here’s what I would say, how many members of the body, children, are on foreign boards receiving this kind of money?


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