WATCH: GOP Senator Cassidy says he doesn’t think Trump will be the GOP nominee in 2024

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, one of the seven GOP Senators to vote to convict former President Trump during his impeachment trial, said while speaking to Dana Bash of CNN that he does not believe Trump will be the GOP’s nominee for President in 2024.

Asked if he would support Trump if he was the 2024 GOP nominee for President, Cassidy said “that’s a theoretical that I don’t think will come to pass.”

“I don’t mean to duck,’ he continued “but the truth is you could ask me [about] a lot of people, if they are fit. Point is, I don’t think he’ll be our nominee.”

Asked about Trump’s popularity at the CPAC convention, where he overwhelmingly won the straw poll, Cassidy said “CPAC is not the entirety of the Republican Party.”

“If we idolize one person, we will lose,” Cassidy added  “If we speak to those issues, to those families, to those individuals, that’s when we win.”