WATCH: GOP Senator blasts DeSantis, Abbott for banning mask mandates during CNN appearance

GOP Senator Bill Cassidy blasted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as well as Texas Governor Greg Abbott for banning mask mandates while appearing on CNN.

“I’m a conservative,” Cassidy said. “I think you govern best when you govern closest to the people being governed. And if a local community is having—their ICU is full, and the people at the local schools see that they’ve got to stay open, because otherwise children miss out for another year of school, and they put in policy, then the local official should be listened to,” said Cassidy, who is also a physician.

“That is a conservative principle,” he continued.

Asked if he disagrees with DeSantis, Cassidy responded “I do disagree with Governor DeSantis. The local official should have control here. I don’t want top-down from Washington, D.C. I don’t want top-down from a governor’s office. Sometimes, yes, like national defense and such like that. But when it comes to local conditions, if my hospital’s full and my vaccination rate is low and infection rate is going crazy, we should allow local officials to make those decisions best for their community.”