WATCH: GOP Rep. Owens says Dems comparing Voter I.D. law to actual racism is “demeaning”

Speaking with the Daily Caller, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) called it “extremely racist” and “demeaning” for Democrats to compare Voter I.D. law to actual racism.

Owens said “we have now a conversation that pretty much says because of the color of your skin you cannot have – you’re so hapless and hopeless– that you can’t get out and get an I.D.  By the way, an I.D. is needed for anyone to reach the American middle class, to achieve the American dream.”

“Wwe don’t expect anything different from our Asian friends, our Italian friends, our Polish friends” he continued. “Only the black community is the left saying that we are so hapless that we can’t do this. It’s extremely racist, it’s demeaning.”