WATCH: GOP Rep. fires back “What Cori tweeted was ridiculous…black people are free in America. That is what has happened since 1865”

Appearing on Fox News, GOP Rep. Byron Donalds fired back at progressive “squad” member Cori Bush’s controversial July 4th tweet.

Donalds called Bush’s claim “ridiculous.”

“My reaction is I just shake my head and move on. What Cori tweeted was ridiculous,” Donalds said.

“First of all, yes, July 4, Independence Day, is to celebrate the freedom of this nation from British tyranny. That is the purpose of the celebration. We should all celebrate that. Number two, black people are free in America. That is what has happened since 1865. That is the state of play in 2021 America. So, I look at her tweet, I shake my head, I don’t agree, and to be truthful, most black people just don’t agree with that. And most people don’t agree with that.”

“We live in the greatest country in the world,” he continued. “More black people have accomplished and achieved more wealth here in the United States than any other country in the world. We should actually celebrate that and celebrate, frankly, the birth of the greatest nation man has ever known.”

“Everybody knows it is outlandish. It is ridiculous. That tweet just makes no sense at all. It flies in the face of the reality that the vast majority of Americans — frankly all Americans — see every single day,” he added.