WATCH: Giuliani Calls Biden Family “an Ongoing Criminal Enterprise” Says They’ve “Been Stealing for 30 Years”

Appearing on Fox News with Jesse Watters, Rudy Giuliani referred to the Biden family as an “ongoing criminal enterprise” and alleged deep corruption.

Rudy Giuliani:

His family has been stealing for 30 years. There are at least eight cases in which the family made hundred, thousands and millions off selling his public office.

They monetize his public office. When he’s in the Senate they do it with a real estate company, they do it with a bank.

They do it with a private equity fund that goes bankrupt and one guy in it is running a Ponzi scheme. And they make millions from it. And then they do it with Iraq, and they do it with Ukraine, and they do it with China.

And those are the ones where they made millions. There are little ones where they made less, like Romania. This was an ongoing criminal enterprise.


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