WATCH: Gillibrand Says Biden is “Full of BS” on Supporting Working Moms

Appearing on CNN to discuss her contentious exchanges with former VP Joe Biden last night, Kristen Gillibrand called Biden “full of BS” for claiming to support working women.


Per FreeBeacon, Gillibrand confronted Biden at Wednesday night’s debate with a 1981 op-ed he wrote as a young senator about his opposition to an expanded child tax credit allowing families to deduct childcare expenses.

Biden tied his opposition to the credit being granted to high-income families, but he also wrote the increased reliance on daycare services showed a “cancer of materialism” in society and an avoidance of responsibilities.

Biden did not discuss gender or mothers in his op-ed, but Gillibrand framed it during the debate as Biden saying “women working outside the home” would deteriorate the family. CNN interviewer Brooke Baldwin pointed that out and noted Biden said during a Senate floor speech that year he had no issue with working mothers.

“I think he’s full of BS when he says that, because the truth is, who works outside the home in ’80s, ’90s, today? If you have two parents in a family, it’s typically the woman who stays at home,” Gillibrand said. “Even today, less than five percent of two-parent households is the woman not the one to stay at home. So the truth is, he could only be referring to women, because that’s the reality when he wrote it. It’s still the reality today.”