WATCH: Gaetz says Dems Can’t Pass Any Bills, So They Cry “Alligator Tears” About “Steve Bannon’s Podcast”

During a fiery speech on the House Floor, Rep. Matt Gaetz said:

Why are we here on the floor of the House of Representatives listening to the Democrats and socialists and their Republican puppets reviewing Steve Bannon’s podcast.

I can’t imagine that would be the case if they actually had a bill — reconciliation deal, legislation to help the American people.

We are not here because of “democracy.” Save me the alligator tears on that. These are the folks who assaulted our democracy for two years under the specter of the Russian hoax.

It sure isn’t about violence. They didn’t give a damn when our country was being engulfed in the riots of summer of 2020.

It is not about Congressional process. If it was about Congressional process, Democrats would be doing what they were doing in other cases, they would go to court. The reason they haven’t gone to court, like for Trump’s taxes, the Deutsche Bank subpoenas, or the Don McGahn matter, is because in each of those circumstances they did not prevail in court.

The courts realize their subpoena claims were overly broad. So instead of using the process, here we are enduring these politics. And because they can’t Build Back Better and decided to build back meaner.