WATCH: Tulsi defends free speech “Whether we agree with that speech or not. Whether that speech offends us or not”

While appearing with Tucker Carlson, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard criticized colleagues who are not fighting against free speech crackdowns.

Host Carlson said “I don’t understand why more people aren’t outraged by censorship.”

He added “If Nancy Pelosi was shut down, censored, silenced, erased tomorrow, I don’t care for Nancy Pelosi’s views, I would swear as God watches that I would defend her. Trump, whatever you think about what he says, some of it I don’t like, everybody, everybody, this is great I support this. Ro Khanna, who is like a very smart guy, he is in favor of censorship.”

He then asked Tulsi “What is this?”

Gabbard responded  “It is really disheartening to see how people are so inward-looking at only supporting of voices of those who agree with them, rather than recognizing the country that our founders envisioned for all of us.”

She continued “as you know, we’ve talked about this before, this is something I take to heart in a very deep way like every other service member that we take an oath to uphold our constitution, to support and defend it, which supports including the freedom of speech of every single person in this country, whether we agree with that speech or not. Whether that speech offends us or not.”

“That is what is at the heart of this country and who we are as Americans. And we must all stand up and support that and make sure that we pressure our leaders to do the same,” she added.