WATCH: Former Obama Advisor Bashes Pelosi, Calls Her “Unprofessional” and “Disrespectful”

Former Obama advisor and multi-millionaire Don Peebles made it clear on his recent appearance on Fox and Friends he does not like what he sees in the Democratic party.

“Look, I just don’t recognize the Democratic party right now. The party has turned so far-left.” Peebles lamented “Also, to see members of Congress jointly dressing up in white as some form of protest or solidarity at the State of the Union address is astonishing.”

Peebles also had harsh words for Nancy Pelosi’s decision to tear up the State of the Union speech in front of the cameras.

“I just think it was an unprofessional, undiplomatic, disrespectful act.” Peebles vented “Not just to the president, but to the country as a whole and I think it makes people who see her there wonder about her leadership, which has already been called into question.”


Per TCO, during a boisterous acquittal victory speech earlier today, President Trump gave credit to his friends and allies that stood with him during impeachment while brutally ripping his enemies.

When it got to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who Republicans are widely criticizing for rudely tearing up the State of the Union speech, Trump held nothing back.

Trump called Pelosi a “horrible person” and “vicious as hell.”

“Nancy Pelosi is a horrible, vicious person,” Trump said “They’re vicious as hell, and they’ll probably come back for more.”

Democrats, he claimed, “want to destroy our country.”



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