WATCH: Former Mrs. Florida Beauty Queen Sentenced to Prison Time

A former Mrs. Florida Beauty Queen and Trump supporter has been sentenced to prison time in a decision she is calling unfair.


ABC25 reports Karyn Turk is turning herself into federal prison Monday in Miami.

For now, she admits she is terrified.

“I don’t know what to expect — it’s terrifying,” said Turk, her eyes welling up.

Turk admits she withheld her elderly mother’s social security checks from her mother’s nursing home, which she says was a mistake.

But she didn’t expect to be going to federal prison Monday.

“Fpr a $17,000 misdemeanor that I admitted and pled guilty to I’m going to spend 30 days in downtown federal prison in Miami,” said Turk.

The former Mrs. Florida 2016 says she withheld the money because she claims the Finnish American Rest Home was negligent in their care of her now deceased mother. She has a wrongful death suit against the home pending.

Turk said she pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge because the deal involved no prison time.

But she and her attorneys said at sentencing the prosecutor made new claims against Turk’s character and alleged lack of care for her mother, and suddenly the magistrate gave her 30 days behind bars.

“And then to go in front of the judge after the deal has been made, after the person pleads guilty and say I’m just going to tell the judge all this nonsense, all this nasty stuff,” said Peter Ticktin, who is representing Turk in her complaint against the prosecutor.