WATCH: Former ICE Director Blasts Cuomo Over “Green Light Law”

Appearing on Fox News, Former ICE Director Tom Homan blasted NY Governor Andrew Cuomo over his “green light law.”

Under the NY State “green light law” that went into effect in December:

-Illegal immigrants are allowed to apply for State Driver’s Licenses and

-DMV officials are prevented from sharing data with the federal government without a court order.

Bloomberg reports President Donald Trump and Governor Andrew Cuomo failed to reach an agreement Thursday to resolve a dispute over the administration’s decision to ban New York State residents from using programs that allow speedier customs and immigration checks.

Trump and Cuomo met Thursday at the White House to discuss the Department of Homeland Security’s announcement last week that it would no longer permit New Yorkers to sign up for or renew enrollments in the Trusted Traveler programs, citing new limits on federal access to state driver’s license data intended to protect undocumented immigrants.


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