WATCH: Former Dem Jeff Van Drew and Trump Trade Praise at Packed NJ Rally

Former Democrat Jeff Van Drew cemented his support for President Trump by appearing together during a high energy rally in New Jersey Tuesday evening.

President Trump complimented Van Drew for having had the courage to leave the Democrats due to having enough of their extremism, socialism and vile hoaxes and scams.

Van Drew urged the crowd to vote to “Keep America Great” and ended his time by saying “God Bless our President” and “God Bless the United States.”

Per the NYTimes, President Trump told his supporters at a raucous rally on Tuesday evening that Representative Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, who recently left the Democratic Party, was a symbol of the future. Without evidence, he said that an increasing number of Americans were “disgusted” by congressional Democrats who, he said, are “obsessed with demented hoaxes, this crazy witch hunt and deranged partisan crusades.”

Inquirer reports Tuesday’s rally cemented Van Drew’s new status as a Republican, and marked the most high-profile effort to date by the national party to boost his reelection chances in 2020. Trump invited Van Drew to share the stage, showering the longtime moderate Democrat with praise and highlighting his conservative-leaning positions.

“He supports lower taxes; not bad,” Trump said. “He loves our military, he loves our vets and police. … He loves your Second Amendment, which is under siege by the Democrats.”

Van Drew shook New Jersey politics in December when, in rapid succession, he voted against Trump’s impeachment, switched parties, and pledged his “undying support” to Trump.

At the rally, Van Drew tried to remove any doubt about his loyalty, taking to the lectern to fully embrace his new political home — and Trump.

“When I was in the White House with the president, he asked how he could help me,” Van Drew said. “I asked if he could come down to South Jersey to have a rally. Without even hesitating, our president said yes, and he is here. A man who kept his word to ensure that the eyes of the world are on South Jersey.”



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