WATCH: Former Assistant U.S. Attorney BLASTS Mueller as “Completely Wrong”

On Wednesday, special counsel Robert Mueller spoke out for the first time on the Russia probe.

Mueller caused quite a stir, as Breitbart reported, when he spoke on the subject of whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the 2016 election, Mueller said, “There was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy.”

On the subject of whether President Trump ever criminally obstructed his investigation, Mueller was more vague — saying his team was not confident the president did not commit a crime. However, he did not say his team was confident the president did commit a crime either.

“If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime we would have said so,” he said.

Mueller said he appreciated Barr making his final report “largely public” and suggested that it would be a waste of time if he testified to Congress.

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However, former assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy told Fox News that Mueller made an “explosive statement,” saying, “We’re going to be talking about impeachment from now for the foreseeable future. McCarthy continued, ‘What Mueller said, which runs against what we have heard up until now, but was certainly suggested in his report, was that the office of legal counsel guidance was essentially the reason why they didn’t make a conclusion about obstruction.” McCarthy refuted what Mueller told the media, telling the Fox News host, “On the legal merits of that, I think he’s completely wrong…”

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In addition, Fox News political analyst Brit Hume took a major swipe at Mueller by mocking special counsel Mueller’s theatrics, saying he didn’t say anything to the media event that he didn’t say in his report.

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