WATCH: Feds Make Arrest in Portland, Protesters Scream “You just violated their rights”

Per Andy Ngo:

Overnight antifa occupied the street outside the Portland federal courthouse using stolen construction equipment and kitchen appliances. They named the occupation the “Chinook Land Autonomous Territory,” or CLAT.

Antifa in Portland set up walls and barriers in the street outside the federal courthouse to claim their own autonomous zone, calling it “CLAT” for “Chinook Land Autonomous Territory.”

Federal police use crowd control to clear antifa rioters from their street occupation dubbed the “CLAT.” The street was shut down for hours when antifa used stolen property to create walls around their space.

Federal law enforcement make an arrest of an antifa black bloc militant. Notice how the camera person says “NLG will get you out.” @NLGnews is a lawyers’ organization historically close to American communists. They operate as the legal wing of antifa.