WATCH: Fareed Zakaria blames Trump and a “post-truth society” for vaccination rates not being higher

Appearing on CNN, Fareed Zakaria blamed Trump for creating a “post-truth society” for vaccination rates not being higher.

“I think when we confront problems like this issue of vaccination, I think we have to stop trying to coddle people who are simply willfully denying facts and truth and science,” Zakaria said.

“You’re not going to be able to persuade them,” he continued. “Just you have to get tough. You have to start making it very, very difficult for people to be around in a country where they’re spreading a disease or they are potentially spreading a disease. Look at what Macron did in France. Despite all the protests, vaccination rates have surged in France. Because he said, look, life will be tough for people who refuse to do this.”

“The most important thing at this point is to try and create a set of policies that as you say, just say to people, look, when you buy a car in America, you are forced to, required by law, to wear seat belts. To drive it, observing the speed limit, not to be drunk while driving, to get insurance, to get regular inspections. We mandate vaccines for goodness sake. No kid can go to public school in America without having a whole slew of vaccines. This is part of your responsibility as a citizen in a fair society,” Zakaria added.

“I think you’re touching on the most worrying part about the Trump legacy, which is the post-truth society that he has built,” he later added, blaming Trump for the country’s vaccination rate not being higher.  “Trump recognized that what he needed to be able to manipulate the truth and manipulate the message. And he went at it by saying, there is no such thing as truth, there are no such things as facts. The facts I don’t like are fake facts. That’s attacking the core of the Western Enlightenment project, the values that America was built on, the Enlightenment of the scientific revolution.”