WATCH: Eric Trump vows to sue NY AG investigating Trump Org “for this abuse of power”

Appearing on Fox News, Eric Trump fired back at NY AG Letitia James investigation into the Trump organization and vowed to sue her.

“Literally you have the entire district attorney’s office, the entire attorney general’s office trying to look into every aspect of my father’s life to see if they can find or manufacture a comma that was out of place to try and get him because they know he’s been the most influential politician in, frankly, probably the last 100 years in this country, and they know they can’t stop him in Washington, DC, so they have to attack him at home, and they have to attack his family, and it’s disgusting,” Eric Trump said.

“And it’s going to stop,” he continued, “it’s going to stop because, frankly, we’ve assembled the best legal, ethical minds and we’re going to sue her for this abuse of power.”