WATCH: Eric Trump “this whole thing was actually done by the Clinton campaign”

Appearing with Maria Bartiromo, Eric Trump reacted to the indictment of former Clinton attorney Michael Sussman.

“I remember the story like it was yesterday,” Trump said. “I got a e-mail from The New York Times — this was September 28 of 2016 — saying that we had servers connected, Trump Organization has had servers connected to some Russia bank that was being funded by Putin. I go, no, we don’t, guys. They said, yes, you do. We have got a tip. It’s very, very credible.”

“And I didn’t know until literally, Durham indicted Michael Sussman two days ago that this whole thing was actually done by the Clinton campaign,” he continued. “We had no idea where it came from. We worked with the FBI for a year, a year-and-a-half. All our I.T. vendors worked with the FBI.”

“They wanted one thing, Maria. They wanted a headline in The New York Times or The Washington Post saying Donald Trump or the Trump Organization under investigation by the FBI for ties with Russia, which is exactly what they got,” Eric Trump said.

“For the two years that went past that, Pulitzer Prizes were won by literally writers all over the country about their great reporting on the collusion between Trump and between Russia,” he added.

“And we all know now that it was funded by Hillary Clinton. It’s an absolute disgrace. It makes our country look like a banana republic. And it just shouldn’t have happened,” Eric continued.