WATCH: Eric Shawn defends election integrity, disputes Trump’s claim of massive vote “dumps”

Appearing as a guest with Martha MacCallum, Eric Shawn of Fox News disputed Trump’s claim of massive vote “dumps” taking place.

After seeing a clip of Trump’s accusation, Shawn says while the President “brands it ‘massive dump of votes.’ But election officials say it is not what he implies.” Shawn says “They say there’s no nefarious big batch for Biden, just votes they insist are being counted properly as the law requires.”

“Officials say those spikes are not fraud, simply the way a large number of mail-in votes are entered into the computer in big batches,” Shawn continues “In fact, one Pennsylvania election official tells me ‘The ballots are opened and scanned and then uploaded, tens of thousands at a time. It would cause what looks like a spike, but if you have been countering them for many hours before that, they are aggregating uploads from various counties. It’s like saying if we uploaded 75,000 ballots in five minutes, we counted in five minutes. That’s not true. We’d been counting them for hours.’”

“Election experts also point out that none of the tens of thousands of officials and election workers across the country who did work on this election — none of them have reported any massive fraud or anything with these spikes,” he added.

MacCallum later asks Shawn about “witnesses that have emerged” and a whistleblower that claimed he drove almost 300,000 completed mail-in ballots from NY to Pennsylvania.

Martha played a clip of the whistleblower appearing with Sean Hannity and asks Shawn “anybody who listens to this thinks that it sounds fishy and wants to know, you know, what’s going on with it? What do you know about the situation?”

Shawn replies “Well it does sound fishy but the claim that completed ballots, Martha, were driven from Long Island to Pennsylvania and they disappeared sometime in October — election officials tell me that that just cannot happen. Because every ballot, they say, is matched to a voter and they double check it and confirm. They say you just can’t simply get hundreds of thousands of fake ballots or signs ballots somehow into the system.”

He added “I’m sure if there’s any evidence in this, if we have said, authorities will be investigating.”