WATCH: Donny Deutsch Says Warren Struggling Because She Has “a Likability Issue”

MSNBC regular Donny Deutsch blasted 2020 candidate as unlikable, while trying to tiptoe around it in order to not appear sexist.

Donny Deutsch:

You know, just two months ago we were talking about what a stellar campaign she had run. She was in first place in national polls for the first time. And it has been, you know, one bad poll result after another for the past two months.

And it’s, I will say, still it is hard for me to figure out exactly why that is. Do you have, do you have any reporting or theories on that?

She has the same issue Bernie had. I don’t think it’s a gender issue—it’s a likability issue. I think we have to be careful.

I think an amazing woman would be a great antidote to Jon’s point earlier, a different definition of strength if you will. Strength to strength but a different way. But I don’t think Elizabeth Warren’s problem has been she’s a woman.


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