WATCH: Donna Brazile Says She’s “Extremely Dismayed” About Bloomberg’s Past

While 2020 billionaire candidate Michael Bloomberg is trying hard to win over black voters, his past has continued to haunt him as allegations of sexism and racism continue to surface.

Former DNC chair admitted in a recent segment of Fox News she’s “extremely dismayed” and “very uncomfortable” with Bloomberg’s past.

Chris Wallace:

A big story, a take out in The Washington Post today about his, and you can see it there, his long history of sexist comments going back decades and women saying women believe he created a hostile workplace. How damaging to his campaign?

Donna Brazile:

Extremely. Look, I think there are many people in the Democratic party looking at Mr. Bloomberg because he has the resources to take on President Trump.

The question, in my judgment, is his record. I mean I am uncomfortable with his policies in New York. I understand he has apologized. I get that. I am for forgiveness. I am extremely dismayed at the information I read over the weekend about the sexist work environment.

It is one thing to have this so-called top law enforcement policy of stop and frisk, it was ruled unconstitutional and it has taken him years to say I am sorry about that. He has the resources, but I am very uncomfortable with the record, very uncomfortable.


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