WATCH: Donna Brazile Credits Obama, Not Trump for Low Black Unemployment

Appearing at a recent event, a fiery Donna Brazile credited Obama, not Trump for low black unemployment and defended telling GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to “go to hell!”

Donna Brazile:

We can’t let anyone tell us that it’s good with Black unemployment so low. What black employment is well thanks to Barack Obama.

(audience cheers)

And we got more people with health care thanks to Barack Obama. Don’t tell what that President did because it’s damn (inaudible) to erase his history. Erase what he did. We’ll never have hope again.

We lost an election but you can not lose hope. EVER!

And you know the fact. You know the FACTS!

That’s why the other day I had to tell that woman to go to hell. Don’t tell me my facts… I KNOW MY FACTS


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