WATCH: Don Lemon Gets Angry at Kasich for Not Being More Negative Against Trump

Don Lemon was not happy with guest John Kasich for not being more negative on against Trump’s coronavirus address.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air writes:

How insane did this post-Oval Office speech analysis last night on CNN get? John Kasich had to raise his voice to defend Donald Trump in order to pitch over Don Lemon’s absolute meltdown.

Kasich at first seemed more inclined to damn Trump with faint praise, but when Kasich offered a positive take on Trump’s tone in discussing the coronavirus, Lemon flipped out, barking at Kasich for defending Trump.

By the end of this, Kasich had to wonder why they bothered to invite him on at all. Lemon wasn’t interested in getting an analysis from a two-term governor about the substance or the nuance of the speech; all he wanted was someone to validate his shrieking hysteria over it.

Lemon would have been better off going out into the street and collaring a rando for this segment — and Kasich would have been better off, too.