WATCH: Don Lemon calls for the early teaching of “true American history” instead of “whitewashed history”

CNN hosts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo discussed the “1619 Project” and advocated for the teaching of the “true American history” as early as elementary school instead of “whitewashed history.”

Lemon said “that’s the ignorance of people who don’t know the history of the country, but quite frankly it’s on us because we don’t demand that our educators, that our teachers as young as elementary school, we don’t demand they teach the true history of this country. What they’re teaching is a whitewashed history.”

“What you have are a bunch of people who are sitting around mainly parents and I’m sure some educators who have this old school thinking about Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America. That’s part of the history of this country, not necessarily the discovering part,” he continued.

“But there’s also another big part of the history about the contributions of enslaved people, the contributions of people who came over and were indentured servants, the Italians who came over, the Irish who came over, all of those things,” Lemon added. “But mostly our history is taught to elevate some people and to diminish other people. And the diminished part are mostly people of color. Listen, people say you promote the book all the time. Because my book talks about everything you’re talking about

“This is absolutely what I talk about the history of this country,” Lemon declared. “I wrote about the German uprising in Louisiana. You never hear about that in the history books. You don’t hear people get upset about the 1619 Project. There’s nothing wrong with teaching the 1619 Project and then teaching what happened in 1776. They can coexist without just one and just the other.”

“But we have to start from a place of truth. And I’ve been saying this since january 6. If you start from a place of truth you don’t end up with an insurrection in the country that is built on a lie that people think the country was built in their image therefore it should reflect everything about them. And that the election should go the way that they want. This is where it starts. It should start with the truth about the history,” he concluded.