WATCH: Don Lemon “Biden is doing a fantastic job when it comes to the pandemic…He’s doing all the right things”

Thursday on CNN, host Don Lemon raved about President Biden’s handling of the pandemic and suggested those who got vaccinated should still wear their mask.

“This is not about being selfish, hey, I’ve got mine, you get yours” Lemon said, “That’s what people are saying. So, if I get the shot, let’s say I’m fully vaccinated tomorrow, I’m not going to run out and flaunt it and take this mask and, just like, oh, throw caution to the wind, I’m going to burn it. You know why? Because I care about other people. I care about something more than myself. I care that there may be someone who has a preexisting condition who may not have been vaccinated. I care that there is a woman who is trying to get pregnant, who has concerns about the vaccine and may not have taken it yet or a woman who is pregnant who has not taken the vaccine because she’s worried about her unborn kid. I get that. Because why? I am a thinking, compassionate, empathetic person, and I just don’t have politics at the top of my head.”

“Why don’t you be a patriot, why don’t you just be a decent human being and stop trying to be so negative and get Dr. Fauci or Joe Biden?” Lemon asked. ”

Guess what? Here’s the thing, here’s the thing, Joe Biden is doing a fantastic job when it comes to the pandemic. He’s saying all the right things. He’s doing all the right things. He’s getting shots in people’s arms. He’s following the science. He’s not giving you lies. He’s not telling you that light and bleach and disinfectant is going to help you when you inject it inside of your body. So stop it on the right because the guy you had in the office did really dumb stuff and told you crazy things and lied about you, gaslighted you, and you fell for it and you believed it and now you’re walking around and you don’t want to get the vaccine. Why? Because you say you don’t trust it but you really don’t want to get it because Joe Biden is doing a great job with it. And that is the truth. Now take that to the bank,” he added.