WATCH: Don Jr. reacts to charges against Trump Org “this is the political persecution of a political enemy”

Appearing on Fox New, Don Jr. reacted to charges against the Trump Organization, calling it “Banana Republic stuff.”

“Listen, Jesse, this is the political persecution of a political enemy. This is what Vladimir Putin does,” Don Jr. said. “Just ask Navalny. He’s been sitting in a cell. They’re not sure why, but guess what? If no one’s went to challenge him and no one’s going to call it out, that’s what’s going to happen.”

“And that’s what’s happened in New York,” he continued. “They spent more than two years, but they’ve been looking approximate five years because this is, what, like the equivalent of Russia, Russia, Russia. Like this is the 12th iteration, right?”

“That failed, Mueller failed, Ukraine failed, Don Jr. treason failed, Don Jr. perjury failed; they’re going to keep going. This is what they promised. They joined — the D.A.’s office joined, Jesse, with the attorney general’s office because she herself campaigned on, I’m going to take down Trump,” he added.