WATCH: Don Jr. blasts Swalwell over Axios bombshell “we also shouldn’t be surprised”

Appearing with Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump Jr. blasted Rep. Eric Swalwell over the bombshell Axios report tying him to an alleged Chinese spy.

Swalwell said “We also shouldn’t be surprised that someone who basically may have soiled himself on national TV also allowed his agency and his group to be infiltrated by a Chinese spy.”

Trump Jr. also tweeted “FLASHBACK: In July 2020, Swalwell Complains Trump Admin Is Warning Americans Of Chinese Interference Threat.”

“It’s all starting to make sense!!!” he added.

Don Jr. also wrote “Worth noting on China’s spying operation: It’s all Dems. China is targeting Dems for cultivation & targeting Republicans with attacks. When your greatest national security threat sees Dems as sympathetic & GOP as the enemy, tells you all you need to know!”

And in a separate tweet asked “Does anyone else notice that the Chinese spies always seem to attach themselves to Democrats and the Chinese communist government propaganda always seems to be targeted at Republicans? Tells you everything you need to know.”