WATCH: Don Jr. Answers What It Felt Like to Hear NH Crowd Chant “46! 46!” For Him

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump Junior said that he was humbled by chant of “46! 46!” but at this time is totally focused on his father’s re-election in 2020.


Per TCO, during a Trump rally Monday, some members of the Trump New Hampshire like the idea of a Trump dynasty.

The Hill reports attendees at President Trump’s rally in New Hampshire on Monday chanted “46” when he introduced Donald Trump Jr., embracing the president’s eldest son as a future candidate to follow his father into the Oval Office.

President Trump recognized roughly a dozen lawmakers and prominent conservatives at his Manchester rally, making his way to his children. He highlighted his daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, who joined him onstage. He then recognized his eldest son, who had spoken earlier at the event.

“Did Don Jr. make a good speech?” the president asked, prompting applause and chants of “46” from the crowd.


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