WATCH: CNN Guest Doctor says “Michigan needs to be shut down” amid rise in COVID-19 cases

Appearing on CNN with Jim Acosta, Dr. Jonathan Reiner of George Washington University argued “Michigan needs to be shut down” amid a rise in COVID-19 cases.

During a recent press conference, Michigan Governor Whitmer called for high schools and youth sports to go remote and suspend games for 2 weeks voluntarily and not by official order.

“We all have to step up our game for the next two weeks to bring down rising cases,” Whitmer said “and that’s why I’m calling on high schools to voluntarily go remote for two weeks past spring break, calling on youth sports to voluntarily suspend games and practices for two weeks. And I’m strongly encouraging all Michiganders to avoid dining indoors and avoid gathering with friends indoors for two weeks. Support your local restaurants by eating outside, or getting carry out instead of dining indoors. Opt for small, outdoor gatherings with masks.”

“To be very clear, these are not orders, mandates, or requirements. A year in, we all know what works and this has to be a team effort. We have to do this together. Lives depend on it,” she added.