WATCH: Ditka rips kneeling players, says “I would bench them…this country has given them an opportunity to become millionaires”

Appearing on Watters World, legendary NFL coach Mike Ditka ripped kneeling players and said they would have been benched if they played for him.

Ditka told Watters “Oh, they wouldn’t have played for us. It’s that simple. I would bench them. That’s it. Until they found that it was honorable to respect the country. This country has given them an opportunity to become millionaires.”

He then continued “You understand what I’m saying? You can’t play American football in Peru. You can’t play in England. American football can only be played in America. And you make a lot of money doing it. Enjoy it, respect it, but don’t act like a clown.”

Watters then asked Ditka why kneeling seems to only take place in the U.S. as opposed to Europe.

Ditka responded “I don’t know. I really don’t know. I don’t understand why. I grew up in a community probably that was at least 50% black, 50% white. A steel mill town in Pennsylvania. We didn’t have any problems. I played football my whole life. We had more black football players on our team than we did whites, but there was never a problem. We played football. It wasn’t about the color of a guy’s skin, it about the way he played the game and what his contributions would be to society and to the school. I mean, I don’t get. What’s the big difference?”