WATCH: DiGenova Thinks PRISON is Coming for Trump’s Enemies “The Bar Bill is Coming Due”

Former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova appeared on Fox New with conservative host Laura Ingraham to discuss the investigation into #SpyGate.

During the interview, DiGenova declared that for the first time, he actually believes that “some of these guys” are going to “prison.”

The “blame game” has already started. Breitbart reported that former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director turned anti-Trump activist John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence and Trump critic James Clapper are the subjects of a dispute over which top Obama administration officials advocated for the infamous Steele dossier to be utilized as evidence in the Russia collusion investigation.

The argument erupted into the open with a Brennan surrogate being quoted in the news media opposing Comey not long after Attorney General William Barr appointed a U.S. attorney to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion claims.

The fiasco was kicked into high gear after Fox News cited “sources familiar with the records” pointing to an email chain from late-2016 showing Comey allegedly telling FBI employees that it was Brennan who insisted that the anti-Trump dossier be included in a January 6, 2017 U.S. Intelligence Community report, known as the ICA, assessing Russian interference efforts.

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DiGenova went on to say that former CIA Director John Brennan’s days are numbered.

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